We have created this statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and appropriate use of your data. 当您访问十大赌博信誉的平台的网站时,十大赌博信誉的平台不会收集您的个人信息, 除非您选择向十大赌博信誉的平台提供此类信息. 提供此类信息完全是自愿的. This notice is your guide to how we will handle information we learn about you from your visit to our Web sites.

为本文档的目的, 个人信息就是信息, 或者是信息的组合, 这样就能合理地辨认出你的身份.




十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 is committed to safeguarding all personal information in both physical and electronic formats.  十大赌博信誉的平台只存储学术所需的个人信息, 招聘, 融资, 就业和其他商业目的.  

十大赌博靠谱信誉网站努力减少收集, 处理, 尽可能存储和使用个人信息.


We want to be very clear: We will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site, 除非您选择向十大赌博信誉的平台提供此类信息. 提供此类信息完全是自愿的. 

除非法律有规定, we do not share any personally identifiable information we receive with any third parties (see “第三方披露”).


当您访问十大赌博信誉的平台的网站时,十大赌博信誉的平台会收集和存储您的某些信息, 例如:您访问Internet的域名(例如, 普林斯顿大学.如果你从普林斯顿大学的域名连接,请访问edu), 您访问十大赌博信誉的平台网站的日期和时间, IP地址, Internet Browser Information and the Internet address of the Web site/page from which you linked to our content.

十大赌博信誉的平台使用收集到的信息来分析网站的流量模式, 衡量访问十大赌博信誉的平台网站不同部分的访客数量, 并帮助十大赌博信誉的平台的网站对用户更有用.  它也被用来评估十大赌博信誉的平台的营销工作(见“cookie和日志文件”).

The information we automatically collect is not linked to anything that identifies you as an individual. 您的会话将被跟踪,但您将作为用户保持匿名.


如果您完成在线表格并分享您的个人信息, this information will be used only to provide you with additional content and/or services. We may use your contact information to send further information about our organization or to contact you when necessary. 您可以选择不接收未来的邮件(请参阅“选择退出),并要求十大赌博信誉的平台删除此信息(请参阅“您对您个人信息的权利”).


您也可以决定通过电子邮件向十大赌博信誉的平台发送个人信息, 例如, 在包含问题或评论的电子信息中. 十大赌博信誉的平台使用电子邮件中的个人信息主要是为了回应您的请求. We may forward your email to other employees who are better able to answer your questions. We may also use your email to contact you in the future about our programs that may be of interest.

如果你注册了十大赌博信誉的平台的邮件列表, 十大赌博信誉的平台将只向您发送您所要求的信息. 十大赌博信誉的平台不会与任何第三方分享您的姓名或电子邮件地址(请参阅“第三方披露”).


还有其他无数的网站, 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 uses Cookies to help us understand your preferences based on previous or current site activity, 这能让十大赌博信誉的平台提升你的体验吗.  We also use cookies to help us compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so that we can offer better site experiences and tools in the future.

春田学院采用第一方制, 用于谷歌 AdWords等服务的第二方和第三方cookie, 谷歌分析和谷歌AdWords再营销服务.

The above-mentioned services allow 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 to display advertisements on third party websites to any visitors who have previously visited the 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 website.

十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 may advertise to previous website visitors who have yet to complete a task on its site or those who have supplied any personal or identifiable information to 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站. Advertisements directed to previous visitors of 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 could appear on the 谷歌 search results page, 或者谷歌显示网络中的一个站点. 谷歌, 以及其他各种第三方供应商, use cookies to provide advertisements based on an individual's past visits to the 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站's website. 收集的任何数据将按照本隐私声明和 谷歌的隐私政策.

In some cases, the data we collect can be connected to other data we have in our system.  

如果您关闭Cookies,某些功能将被禁用. Some of the features make your site experience more efficient and may not function properly.

您可能无法登录、查看成绩、支付账单或访问其他服务. 然而,许多这些任务可以通过电话或亲自完成.

另外, our websites automatically gather anonymous information about our visitors including IP地址, 浏览器类型, 以及服务器日志文件中网页访问的时间和日期. The information collected does not include any personally identifiable details and is used to improve our services and administer our websites.


对于访问十大赌博信誉的平台网站的儿童,有特殊规定. 十大赌博信誉的平台不要求提供儿童的个人信息, 比如姓和名或者街道地址和城市. 当孩子们给十大赌博信誉的平台发邮件时, their online contact information (email address) is not used to re-contact them and is not maintained in retrievable form.


Our sites usually provide users the opportunity to opt out of receiving communications from us through an online form.  你也可以发邮件 请求更改.  您可以选择只接收特定的通信或根本不接收. 

然而, there are certain internal or safety-related email messages that are delivered to all 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 community members that you cannot opt out of as these are considered critical internal communications.

You may also update your contact information previously provided to us through another online form. You cannot remove yourself from our databases, but you can prevent unwanted communication.  要对您的信息进行其他更改,请参见“您对您个人信息的权利”.


十大赌博信誉的平台不卖, 贸易, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Personally Information unless we provide users with advance notice. This does not include website hosting partners and other parties who assist us in operating our website, 经营十大赌博信誉的平台的业务, 或者服务十大赌博信誉的平台的用户, 只要双方同意对这些信息保密. We may also release information when its release is appropriate to comply with the law, 执行十大赌博信誉的平台的网站政策, 或保护十大赌博信誉的平台或他人的权利, 财产或安全.


对于十大赌博信誉的平台持有的有关您的个人信息,您拥有某些权利, 以当地为准, 州和联邦法律. 这些可能包括访问权, 正确的, 删除, 限制或反对十大赌博信誉的平台使用, 或者收到您个人信息的可用电子格式的便携副本. You also may have a right to lodge a complaint with your local data protection or privacy regulator.  

如需更改十大赌博信誉的平台存储的您的信息,请联系  在法定要求和系统能力允许的范围内, 十大赌博信誉的平台将尽合理努力满足所有要求.


No method of transmitting data over the Internet or storing electronic data is 100% secure, 但十大赌博信誉的平台的网站有适当的程序来帮助防止损失, 滥用, 或者改变十大赌博信誉的平台控制下的信息.

Your personal information is contained behind secured networks and only those with official legitimate needs have access to information, 他们被要求对这些信息保密. 

当用户下订单时,十大赌博信誉的平台实现了各种安全措施, 进入, 提交, 或者访问他们的信息. 这些措施旨在维护您个人信息的安全.

Our website is scanned on a regular basis for security holes and known vulnerabilities in order to make your visit to our site as safe as possible.

请参阅十大赌博信誉的平台的 资讯保安政策 欲知详情.


透过十大赌博信誉的平台的网页, we provide links to other servers which may contain information of interest to our readers. 十大赌博信誉的平台不承担任何责任, 不能控制, 组织, 的观点, 或其他服务器上包含的信息的准确性. 创建从您的网站到十大赌博信誉的平台网站的链接不需要许可. If you have a link you'd like us to consider adding to our Web site, please send an email to 主题为“链接请求”." 


如果你通过社交媒体分享十大赌博信誉的平台的内容, 比如在脸谱网上给十大赌博信誉的平台点赞,或者在推特上发关于十大赌博信誉的平台的推特, those social networks will record that you have done so and may set a cookie for this purpose.  请参考具体的社交媒体平台,了解如何选择退出.


If you would like to publish information that you find on our Web site, please send your request to Where text or images are posted on our site with the permission of the original copyright holder, 版权声明出现在页面底部. 有关使用十大赌博信誉的平台的标志和图像的信息可在 通讯办公室 网页.


本网站是为残障人士设计的, 并遵守有关无障碍的联邦指导方针. 欢迎大家提出意见. If you have suggestions on how to make the site more accessible, please contact us at



本隐私声明可不时修订. 任何此类更改将在本页公布.


如果您对本隐私声明有任何疑问, 十大赌博信誉的平台网站的实践, 或者您使用十大赌博信誉的平台网站的体验, 您可以通过以下方式与十大赌博信誉的平台联系: